The Importance Of Focusing On Crisis Intervention Training

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The importance of focusing on crisis intervention training will help to not only better understand the concept, but also to understand police crisis intervention teams. Crisis intervention training has become such an important way for police department to help their communities and especially protected groups such as the mentally ill. The focus is on what Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) brings to the community and how these models help to promote safety in the community. The CIT model has become a very widely accepted program through out many police departments across the country. Through the CIT model police departments are focusing on improving outcomes a better resources and help for the mentally ill individuals officers come into…show more content…
Third, officers resolved most events through hospitalization. Subjects rarely were arrested.”(Skeem,J., Bibeau,L.,2008 pg.203) Even though many of the outcomes are strengths, there were some weakness pointed out in this program. One was the events police officers were responding too, such as was the level of crisis as high and or dangerous as they were assumed to be. Two the reporting was done by the officers themselves, the possibility of bias may have occurred. The scope of Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) is limited due to the newness of this model being implemented in different police departments across the country. The CIT model is being implemented in over 400 programs with different aspects taken from the original model. (Draine,J.,Ottati,V.,Schaefer,M.Watson,A.2008)Focusing on the how police officers deal with the mentally ill, and the spread of the police based CIT programs. “The Memphis Police Department, CIT are police-based pre booking approach with specially trained officers that provide first line response to calls involving a person with mental illness and who acts as liaisons to the mental health system. Rooted in the problem solving approach, the Memphis Model aims to address the issues underlying the reason for the call than simply incapacitating the individual and removing him or her for the community.”(Draine,J.,Ottati,V.,Schaefer,M.Watson,A.2008. pg.361) Many of the models around the
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