The Importance Of Food In Chinese Culture

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Food is vital to the Chinese identity and community. The Chinese also believe food can have medicinal properties, so it is very important for the dental hygienist to be aware of these values to incorporate nutritional counseling in a culturally appropriate way. When one becomes ill in Chinese culture, it is understood to be an imbalance of yin-yang by introduction of toxins into the body. To correct the imbalance, a special diet is prescribed to rid the body of toxins. In one study by Payne and other researchers, a participant described how a paste made from golden terrapin is considered to have detoxifying properties and would be consumed for healing. The participant also described how meats like beef are seen as toxic and could throw off balance in the body. As a result, the Chinese tend to eat more carbohydrates with spices and herbs thought to have detoxifying and healing properties. Healing properties and eating for comfort are not to be confused. Americans like to eat for comfort, and while the Chinese enjoy eating for taste, they tend to consume foods to keep them healthy. The Chinese do not view food as the only method of relieving illness. They believe food will keep the body balanced, but trust Western medicine for more serious conditions like cancer. • Foods typically eaten and methods of preparation China is one of the largest countries in the world. Differences in agricultural resources amongst regions provide a unique taste in any city. Hong
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