The Importance Of Food Stamp Challenges

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Did you know that 17% of Americans in rural areas live below the poverty line, and out of those 17%, 15 million of those individuals are children? (Hunger In America 2014). The month of September was Hunger Action month and many individuals helped raise awareness by taking the Food Stamp (SNAP) Challenge. This challenge consists of an individual living on the SNAP balance of a $6-7 per day budget for food. Many individuals came to the realization that this is a difficult budget, and does not meet the nutritional needs for a family. Personally, I could not take the challenge. However, I did set up a budget plan for what I could spend on food for a week. To begin with, personally, I like to shop at Aldi. A lot of the foods are knock-off brand, and are a few dollars cheaper. For breakfast, I could purchase a box of cereal for $1.69-2. For lunch, I could purchase a can of soup or noodles for $1. Then for dinner, I could fry a pack of chicken for $2.29 (Aldi vs. Walmart). With tax added, I could possibly have…show more content…
I asked my friends whether or not they would be able to take the SNAP challenge, and also what are their thoughts on this problem of people living on such a small budget. On Twitter, the poll was 50/50. Voters voted that some could live on the $6-7 dollars, and then the others said they could not (Anna Kate Campbell 2017). Then on Facebook, 7 out of 9 friends stated that the SNAP challenge can be done. Some of the individuals even stated that they are/or have lived on this budget before. However, two friends brought up the fact that individuals taking the challenge or who live on this budget have to grocery shop intellectually. Many individuals can buy junk food which does not nutritionally feed a family. The other friend also brought up the topic and fear that many individuals can misuse the welfare system (Anna Kate Campbell
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