The Importance Of Football In Friday Night Lights

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Within sports, pressure is always there; you have to learn to deal with it. H. G. Bissinger’s book, Friday Night Lights, hones in on the football team the Permian Panthers of Odessa. Through this focus on the team, one can see how football is an integral part of the town thriving, maintaining its hopes and dreams. Despite the racial and social divide within the community, those Friday night games become a place where dreams may be made possible. In this way, sports, specifically football, not only have an impact on the players but the community as well. Within the novel, one can see how athletics, specifically football, holds more importance than education for the town of Odessa. Because of this, players on the team start to be treated differently, like men rather than teenagers. In which, players become improperly prepared for the future and tend to only make it out of Odessa through athletic ability alone. As for one of the players, he learns the hard way the effects of such emphasis on athletics over education: “I've got no idea what I want to do. I've got no idea what school I want to go to. My SAT won't be worth a shit. And no football school wants me.” (Bissinger, Epilogue) This highlights sports in society, as well as the four agents of socialization due to parental and educational impacts. Because of this, players follow a path that has been shaped for them rather than shaping their own path, causing future difficulties. For the case of Permian Panther players,

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