The Importance Of Foreign Policy Issues In Iraq

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The top foreign policy issues the new president will face are immigration, furthering our efforts towards fighting terrorism abroad that has the potential to spill into our country, lastly insuring our country is making sound decisions when it comes to what conflicts we decide to jump into, we do not need another Iraq. Immigration will be a major issue that our newly elected president will face, not only is it an issue in the public eye covered on most news outlets on a daily basis but it can affect our national security. Who we let into the country can be a major issue; if we are to relaxed on our border security we can let dangerous people, drugs, and firearms into our great nation. On the other hand if we are too strict it could affect our economic structure, our country was built on the backs of immigrants and they are a…show more content…
Our new president can’t be so reckless with American lives, we need to pick our battles wisely and only jump into things that will bring us closer to our main goals. Iraq has been a major conflict that has had no tangible goals and no end in sight as well as costing the lives of 4,287 American soldiers as of 2012 according to Our national debt and death toll is only going to continue to grow if we jump into more meaningless and reckless conflicts. This should be an issue our newly elected president should be worried about. These three major foreign polices are going to be very important for the new president but they are not the only issues they should be worried about. If the next president is going to be successful they need to be focused on handling the issues affecting us and be less worried about being popular with the masses, being president is not a popularity contest it is a huge responsibility and should be taken
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