The Importance Of Formal Education

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Formal Education is the pathway to become successful as a student. With Formal Education, it benefits the growth of the student's mind. Formal Education helps build on the students critical thinking skills. Critical Thinking allows the students to develop new ways to look at certain topics or discussions with a deeper meaning. As a student, many obstacle of judgement and peer pressure will arise during our time as a student. Cultural myths can affect a way a student will most likely run into a specific group that will try to manipulate you into their thought process. Within Colombo’s essay he states “But as a culture binds us together, it also selectively blinds us” (3) Therefore blocking the formation of identity of the student…show more content…
Formal Education is the best way for a student to gain knowledge around the topic of critical thinking. Throughout Formal Education schooling, best helps the student evolve into the best they can be. Formal Education is the foundation in a student's time at school. As a student, you are thrown into an assignment that are rigorous, and you as the student will have to learn how to conform to the Challenge itself. In Colombo’s essay, it states “But as a culture binds us together, it also selectively blinds us” (3) Critical thinking helps form a person's mind into a different state to where we can develop thoughts more thoroughly and precisely. An example of this statement from Mike Rose’s essay, “I just wanna be average”. Where a student is put into a lower education base than he was used to, and learned to adapt how things go down in the vocational program. In the essay rose stated that the most effective way a student can avoid being made a fool is to act “high” Rose stated “It is a powerful and effective defense- it neutralizes the insult and the frustration of being a vocational kid and, when perfected it drives teachers up the wall.” (128) Rose’s experience with this act can be relatable in most cases. For example notably as a kid who went to a public school most of their life, then suddenly switched to a private school, a student can feel out of place. The student was not taught all the stuff the kids in their grade were taught, so
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