The Importance Of Forming Groups And Why Groups Should Be Created

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The most important points. 1. Importance of forming groups and why groups should be created. Committees and task forces. In my work place there is a safety committee. 2. There are various types of groups. Tasks groups form to carry out specific activity. (Ex our workplace there is task group to find suitable bottle caps for the product, with high CO2 retention rate) Group setup to meet organization objective. Some groups represent employees’ voice or concern. 3. Supervisor’s responsibility regarding the groups. Communicate with the group what they can do and what they should do. Apply supervisory principle to manage groups as well as individuals. 4. Characteristics of group members in a workplace. Characteristics can influence to the effectiveness of the team. Selection of a team should depend on the intended objective. Can maintain homogeneity whenever required. Group with similar background have less problems, but it is always not true. 5. Stages of the team. Forming>storming>norming>performing> adjourning. 6. Collaborative effect of the team members to solve the problems. Motivated employees in the team will empower to the organization success. High Quality, Productivity and Profit. 7. Important of supervisor’s role to lead the team to achieve expected goals. Coaching role while give enough support to the team and removing any obstacles. Effective communication with team and build trust within the team. 8. Plan for effective meeting. Meet only with valid
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