The Importance Of Framing And Agenda Setting

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The phenomenon of media covers a vast amount of space in terms of its definition as well as whether it has a physical or contextual meaning. It is fundamental to understand the supremacy media upholds, however; vital to recognize the ways in which it shapes our lives. Elegantly put, media may not tell us what to think, but rather what to think about. What this means is that, we are not necessarily conditioned to believe what the media wants us to think, but instead the ideas of what is important are instilled to us. This now brings me to the point of media framing and agenda setting. I will investigate the relevance of framing and agenda setting in the media by explaining the approach the world’s media outlets take when reporting information. I will also be breaking down and criticizing examples of framing in news media. These concepts will be analyzed more in depth as I rationalize the relevance of media framing and agenda setting.

To understand the relevance of agenda setting, one must first be aware of the power that news organizations uphold. News outlets such as, CNN, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and The New York Times are only some of the worlds most giant media outlets which all share the same objective; that being to deliver stories and up to date issues that correlate with the public agenda. The public agenda is defined as, the areas of interest and general concern/views of citizens in respective demographics. Although these media outlets intend
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