The Importance Of Free Education

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What if the cure to the cancer pandemic is in the mind of a person without the financial ability to afford education? Different nations have different education policies and systems. However, every individual deserves to get educated and the scenario where intelligent people are forced to drop out of school because they can’t cover education expenses is an awful situation that should be avoided. Financially unstable students are sometimes forced to take a loan or handle numerous jobs just to pay school fees or buy expensive books or learning equipment. Studying hard and accomplishment of decent jobs is enough to pay back the community for the free education provided. Education elevates the status of an individual therefore if we want to…show more content…
Education should be viewed as national interest and allocate public funds to fully cater for education for everyone. This would bring success to the individual citizens and the nation as well. Education should be free to everyone to ensure equal chances and opportunities for everyone. Children are not given any chance to choose their parents, therefore, it is not a child's fault that they have poor parents. Children from poor family backgrounds deserve to have an equal chance of accessing quality education just as the children from wealthy and stable financial background. It is clear, that quality free education will equip all children and give them the ability to compete fairly for life opportunities (Jeremy, 2014). This reduces the disparities between the two economic classes. Therefore, the rich won’t use education to get richer and the gap between the rich and the poor will reduce and this promotes national development.
Every nation in the developing and developed primary and secondary education is funded by public funds. Both liberals and conservatives in any nation and the whole world at large accept such education and they generally view it as uncontroversiall (Spring, 2014). This education system has proven to be productive in these nations by increasing the national development rate. It is therefore advisable for the United States and any other State to emulate and implement free education policies to ensure individual
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