The Importance Of Free Speech

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In America, it is our right to free speech. As individuals, we value this right because it allows us to say our opinions, even if a majority of people disagree or are offended. However, I believe it should be different for big, influential groups of people. Those who represent organizations and institutions should have their free speech limited because if their opinions do not represent what that institute is for, it can cause feelings of distraught and anger among the people. The government is one organization that should have its free speech limited because instead of representing the people of the country and keeping peace among Americans, they incite fear and anger through their own opinions. One representative of the government who…show more content…
The most renowned example of this was the shooting of Michael Brown. Michael Brown was reportedly shot multiple times because he had attacked a policeman. This was deemed untrue after bystanders reported that he actually had his hands up. Some policemen themselves have even openly stated the fact that they only kill people based on skin color, as shown in a story I saw about a white woman being pulled over. Since their overall reputation has become increasingly low, the woman was scared that she would be hurt or killed after being pulled over, but the cop reassured her by saying that they “only kill black people.” Their racist ideology causes them to act how cops should not; they are treating people based on the color of their skin instead of based on what crimes they have committed. Since the police recently have been expressing their racism through their actions, this has caused many people of color to become scared and angry. In response to the unfair treatment, Americans have protested and rioted against the police in hopes to have them stop. The citizens of the United States have protested through anger and sadness of the horrible events caused by the police who were expressing their racist ideas through their actions.
Some people may say that all opinions should be allowed even if it results in fighting or other negative acts because it is our right to
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