The Importance Of Free Speech

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Free speech is as synonymous with America as the bald eagle, Old Glory or a slugfest on the gridiron. However, this seemingly inborn right most Americans take for granted has fallen under attack in recent years. The attack on free speech has come directly from the left, and is focused squarely on free speech as it relates to conservative voices. The limitation on such speech seems to only apply when the ideas expressed differ from those on the left. At least this appears to be the case when it comes to the free speech standards at ESPN according to the most recent occurrence at the network. What Happened at ESPN? ESPN anchor and face of SC6 (a new version of SportsCenter with an urban overview) Jamele Hill was only mildly scolded if that after calling the seated President a “white supremacist” via a recent tweet. The tweet is listed below in its entirety: “Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists.” For a bit of background, it’s worth noting that Hill is a fairly outspoken liberal who proudly displays photographs with Michelle and Barack Obama pinned atop her twitter page. It is not surprising based upon Hill’s personal point-of-view that Hill might feel less than generous towards the new president. However, her role as a public figure does demand some extra discretion, especially when it comes to basically calling the President of the United States of America a white supremacist. After all, this wasn’t a tweet
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