The Importance Of Freedom Of Religion By Nicaragua

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Nicaragua is a country full of colorful culture and ancient traditions blended in with modern beliefs. However, religious practices of the community would not be the same without the democratizing of the religion in Nicaragua. The revolution which overthrew the president at the time also caused a conflict between the popular church at the time and the church hierarchy, but it was worth the conflict. Religious freedom has been protected by their constitution since 1939, this is not an unusual occurrence. There is a numerous amount of different religions such as Jewish, Muslim, Mormon, Mennonites, Jehovah 's Witness, Baha 'is, Evangelical, Moravian , and more. The most prominent religion at this time is Christian; Roman Catholic still…show more content…
No matter the number of religions, the Indigenous people on the coast are allowed their own practices and beliefs.
Though the people are varied, the government does seem to favor the Roman Catholic religion. In no way does it seem to interfere in government affairs, though it might be viewed that way. People trust the Catholic bishops in coming to important state occasions. Whatever the bishops may say in the matter of national issues they are closely followed. Saints are seen by Nicaraguans as intercessors between god and humans, patron saints are even thrown festivals in which they are paraded through the cities. The Catholic church in general has great historical presence in Nicaragua and the government treats it as so. But sometimes there can be a fall out in religion and government. At this time in fact, the Roman Catholics are attempting to make schools buy religious textbooks. This was not viewed well by the Protestants. Public schools still pursue a system without teaching religion. Private schools however take and teach all religions. Up until the revolution, Nicaragua had the same family in their presidential reign for 43 years. The last family member of this dynasty was Anastasio Somoza Debayle. During his presidency from 1974-1979, there was much uproar between religion and education. When he was removed from office by the FSLN was when people started to put
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