The Importance Of Freedom Of Speech

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In the United States, the 1st amendment in the Constitution was created to protect the citizen’s rights to speak, practice religion, assemble, petition, and publish freely without government interference.However, throughout the years the freedom of speech since it was inputted into the constitution in the Bill of Right in intention to control over the concern of too much governmental control. Through the years in additional amendment was added, the fourteenth amendment. Which extends limitation to state government on law which may prohibit or abridge the people’s right to assemble peacefully. As a result causing an effect toward the 1st amendment that gave the right freely and contradict it actual liberty. With the Supreme court to take a stance on what now is freedom of speech is under court.
In today the amendment has undergone many ideal what is guarantee of free speech and expression as recognized by the United States Supreme Court. These exceptions have been created over time, based on certain types of speech and expression, and under different contexts. Which it lately, been seen in protest and rallies throughout the U.S that label themselves to be protected under the 1st Amendment but, not a blanket term for other gatherings. These protest and rallies using the freedom of speech to make them untouchable they been causing more chaos in the community with their liberties. Due to these recent event that go beyond the already made limits that are beyond the constitution
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