The Importance Of Friendship In Can Xue's Crow Mountain

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In Crow Mountain by Can Xue, Juhua looks up to Qinglian, but Qinglian dislikes this attention. Seeing this from the interesting interactions and odd friendship they share in the story is it obvious that there is more to their friendship. Qinglian wants to give Juhua a better life by her not following in her own path, But Juhua looks up to Qinglian making this very difficult on Qinglian. It is obvious in the story that Juhua idolizes Qinglian from the way she talks about her, she even goes as far as bring herself down. One example Juhua thought to herself, “ She was just like a tulip-not a rose or a narcissus.A tulip. And I? I was just a plain old daisy (3).” She brings herself down just to make Qinglian more perfect in her eyes. Though some
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