The Importance Of Friendship In My Life

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The bond you grow with a person, getting to know them, feel comfortable with them is the best bond to create, a real friendship. Various people have experienced the loss of a friend, whether it be, that their friend moved away or perhaps passed away. Most have not experienced what it feels like to be left with an empty hole in their heart by the cause of a person simply deciding to leave their life with no excuse. Having a friendship could be one of the best experiences in this life, sharing moments together, moments that are meaningful along with unforgettable. They’re things that are best kept in your memories, for the reason that when your friendship ends, the memories stay. The memories that are kept, can bring a smile on your face or…show more content…
I depended on my friend, my best friend, with everything, consequently feeling so separated but seeing him so close made me feel angry. I asked myself, how he could just stop talking to me without showing any type of emotion whatsoever.
Getting used to not having him around took time. Letting time pass helped me to move on, helped me heal. My personal doctor that helped me go through this crucible was time. The choices I made trying to rebuild myself as an independent person weren’t always the best, but with time I began to produce the right choices. I was forced to move on by myself, advance through certain situations by myself. Before anything happened, while he was still my best friend, I was excited all the time, there would always be a smile on my face. There was never anything major to be upset about, and if there was a situation, he would be there to help me pass through it. I was more confident, if anyone had ever said anything insulting about me he would just tell me to not listen to them, everything would be alright. I would be enthusiastic to go to school, to go to dance class, for everything, there was never a day where I would be serious. After, I became a person that was not such a happy person anymore around my friends. For some time In class I would be in revere and not pay attention as much anymore which caused a slight drop in my grades. Now, I am learning to be that
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