The Importance Of Friendship InFinding Forrester?

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Do you think trust is the key in relationships? Friendships can connect easily or very slowly, depending on if assurance is present. Being close, means people have someone to tell their past to and how it affected them throughout their life. Life is about finding a passion and sharing it with people around you. Be the person you want to be and follow what you think is best for you. Don’t worry about others saying your not good enough because you are. Building friendships allow individuals to bring out passion and peoples will to trust one another just like Jamal and William Forrester in “Finding Forrester.” Time is important to both of them because it shows them what really matters. Even though William’s time was cut short, he gave assurance to Jamal that he should do what he loves most and that is writing. When people trust one another, it allows them to show and bring out who they really are. Making mistakes in relationships will happen but you will get pass them, its expected. “But the integrity of their friendship….” (Movielocity, 2001, p. 2). Without integrity, their relationship wouldn’t have gotten as far as is has. It took them little time to finally trust each other, which isn’t always a bad thing. Jamal had promised “the guy in the window”, also known as William, to not bring anything outside of the apartment. Promises showed William who Jamal really was. William has assurance about Jamal to keep that promise and at this point, he wanted Jamal to learn the importance. Sometimes, people have to take risks and allow someone into their life. “To Jamal’s surprise, his paper have been read and graded by Forrester.” “An unlikely relationship beings.” (Levy, 2000, p. 2). Beginning to trust someone and their ethics, allow them to trust others back in ways you wouldn’t think of happening. They find each other and make their lives bring in more joy. Jamal journals got feedback from William to help him with his writing. He trusted William’s writing ethic and thoughts to help him gain knowledge on writing on his own. In the end, take the risks to let someone in because people will gain a close relationship. In difficult times, there are still individuals who care about others and they are always there.

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