The Importance Of Friendships In My Life

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It was just an average day in the life of a 5th grade kid who woke up having to go to school. Little did i know I was going to come home to such a dramatic 30 minute experience that could have made me a completely different person than who I am today. Every once in awhile I will replay the sequence of events that happened on this day. It all started with a rough day at school. I was not really the greatest kid back at my middle school. My day was me getting in trouble at school and coming home to pretty upset parents. As soon as I stepped foot in the door I asked my dad “Dad let’s go outside throw, and catch some ground balls. My dad as a kid was always tough on me cause he knew it would pay off in the future of me playing the game I love. As we began to start I missed a couple of ground balls so he kind of got on me and yelled at me. I eventually got so tired of him getting on me that I said, “ Dad I quit. I do not want to play baseball anymore!”. By far the biggest lie I have ever told in my life. We ended up going inside for dinner he began to tell me how I was making a huge mistake. He began to tell me how this end friendships that would last forever. Which at the time i did not believe, but once that i thought everything through he was right. I am now 17 years old and my best friend in my life right now was on that team so if I were to quit I would probably not have him in my life. It was not just about friends either. If i were to quit I would not have
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