The Importance Of Gang Violence

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I. Gang members are 10 times more than the amount of law enforcement agencies with the thousands of distinct sets of gangs. With the diverse types of gangs evolving throughout the country, gang violence is a consistent amongst gangs for the control of neighborhood turf and retributions for violation of gang norms.
a) The Corner: Neighborhood Attachment and the Importance of Turf:
With constant violence within their turf of boundaries in retaliation against other gangs and protecting their neighborhood would cause their community to think that they are engaging in such violent acts as protectors. To be in control and to have control of their turf comes into consideration that gang members will engage in violent activities to send set a point across to other gangs that they have ownership and the means of controlling what goes on within their boundary.
b) The Crew: Group Processes and Social Networks:
The formation of gang groups is based on the common interests that sets them apart from society through the act of violence and retributions toward other gangs and anyone who thinks different of them. This section describes the distinct type of specific identities that set each gang apart from one another which influenced the facilitation in the creation of gangs, the norms within their gang, and the violence that they carry out. Such identity are as follows: group processes, intergroup conflict, reciprocity, and status seeking.

c) Corner and Crew Hypotheses:
In this section,
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