The Importance Of Gender Bias

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One of the most debated topics in modern society today is equality. Most everyone agrees that all people are equal, however, most everyone is also implicitly biased about genders whenever it comes to careers. For example, imagine for a moment a random piano teacher. What gender did you automatically think of them as? You more than likely initially imaged a female piano teacher. Now, imagine a random surgeon/ doctor. What gender did you automatically see them as? You probably imaged them as a male. If so, you are experiencing implicit gender bias. Unfortunately, you are not alone in this; society itself implicitly assigns males to scientific careers and women to liberal arts. Implicit bias are the completely unconscious stereotypes and attitudes we have towards society that affects our decisions and understanding of things. The key word in that definition is unconscious. Most people do not even realize they hold this bias; you might not have even realized you were experiencing this bias until reading this paragraph. This ignorance is one of the main reasons this bias is still occurring on a daily basis to most of humanity, and it is the main reason there is such a gender divide in careers today. It is hypothesized that helping people identify their implicit bias (specifically gender career bias) and providing them with basic education and strategies on the topic itself will reduce their gender career bias. The rather recent development of social media has been helpful to
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