The Importance Of Gender Inequality In Nursing

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Many people in today’s society like to believe we live in a perfect world with no issues. That obviously is not true when it comes to the difference in how each gender is treated. Gender equality has evolved from what it used to be, but still has much more to accomplish. Gender inequality can be seen in many different places and settings. One place it can be observed in is in various medical settings such as hospitals or doctors offices. Difference in genders is a lot more common in these settings than many people may think. Some areas where inequality can be noticed are in the ratio of women to men nurses and doctors and the difference of pay between genders who are in the same specialty. Though they are treated are less than men, women are an important asset to the medical field and could be quite useful in areas where men are not. When going to a hospital or doctor’s office, one might notice that there are a lot more female nurses than male nurses. Although most nursing jobs offer financial stability and long term employment, many people see it as a more feminine job. In 2008 a statistic was taken to find out how big the gap of female to male nursing was, “Within that year there were a total of 3,063,163 nurses that were both licensed and registered, but only 6.6 percent of the over 3 million registered nurses were male” (“Men In Nursing”). However, the amount of male nurses is growing. In 1970, 2.7 percent of nurses were male, while males made up 9.6 percent from 2011
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