The Importance Of Geography And Geography In Ancient Greece

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Geography has a huge role in Ancient Greece, it shaped on how the culture of the Ancient Greeks was and the government. The climate of Greece was filled with mild winters and hot summers so most of the year people wore lightwear clothing because it wasn’t necessary to have heavy clothing. Greece was filled with a lot of mountains and hills, around 80% to be exact. Mountains have made it easier to divide the Greek City-States. They were also really helpful because they served as boundaries and natural barriers. In Greece, there was over 1,400 islands, most of the islands are located in the Aegean Sea. Ancient Crete played an important part in Ancient Greece by being the most largest island. Farming in Ancient Greece was very common for the civilization because there was a lot of land. The Olympics were much different than they are now because now they are based on games. Back then they were actually Religion Festival and they were dedicated to the Greeks Gods.The first games date back to 776 BC and that's over 2,700 years ago. The games were in Olympics , a southwest city in greece and they were every four years. There was a variety of sports at the games but at the beginning of the games there was running.In the Olympics they were a lot of modern day sports and a lot of track and field events like jumping, discus and and running. They also had a place to worship and practice their religion. For the people watching watching, they could
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