The Importance Of Giving Back

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Giving back is a duty that everyone should do in their life. It can help those who need it most. Not only does it help out a person, it can help you find and understand yourself as an individual more clearly. I believe the best way to find yourself is through serving others because it brings you closer to the community, helps you understand how other people live their lives, and can show you how to be a better person. Serving others can bring you closer to the community. While doing community service projects, you can meet a large amount of people whom you may have never met before. Meeting new people can show you how many other people interact with each other. By seeing this, you may figure out more about the role you play in your…show more content…
After seeing them act, your response may be different from theirs so you could find out some things about your personality. This can help you achieve self-actualization, a term coined by Maslow that means you completely understand who you are and what role you play in the world. Finding yourself is best done through serving others because it can lead you to appreciate what you have. Living in a nice area may raise your bar on the standards of living. You can become used to everyone being able to easily afford housing, food, and clothing. Serving those who are less fortunate can help you realize that not everyone has it as easy as some people in this world. For example, if you are someone in the middle class you may sometimes think your life isn't nearly good as those living in the top 1%. But if you help serve the homeless, you can learn to appreciate that just being able to afford a house is good enough. Helping the community can help you learn to become a better person. Whether forced or voluntarily, doing community service is a great thing to do. The feeling after helping someone is absolutely incredible and is one that many love to experience over and over again. By serving once, you may have the urge to help others whenever possible, making you a
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