The Importance Of Global Warming

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Global Warming
By: Calvin Max
12th Grade Research Paper
How does human activity play a part of Global Warming?
97% of scientists believe that humans are to blame for global warming because of the industrial activities have raised two hundred and eighty parts per million to four hundred parts per million in the last hundred and fifty years. The burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil has went up the atmosphere because of carbon dioxide the oil and coal burning it, it combines carbon with oxygen in the air to make carbon dioxide when the carbon dioxide reaches the atmosphere, is rapidly distributed between atmosphere, the upper-ocean and vegetation.
Global warming has been happening for a long time, and carbon dioxide has been going up to our atmosphere ever since the eighteen hundreds the average surface temperature has increased one degree Fahrenheit since then. Most of the increases of the temperature has occurred the past three decades which means we’ve been destroying our earth the past thirty years.
Frequent and Intense heat wave dangerously hot, and hot weather occurring more than it did sixty years ago. Costly and growth health impacts climate change has significant implications for our health including increasing of air pollution and a longer and more intense allergy season plus heavier precipitation and flooding as temperatures increase, more rain during the heaviest downpours increasing the risk of flooding events. Temperatures rise the soil
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