The Importance Of Globalization

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Globalization has been in a toss-up on the valuableness of its control and how it benefits the world. Many views have come up due to the advancement of the world collectively, some believe it has only benefited society has a whole while others say it has brought only destruction to the social and cultural aspects. Two professors at highly ranked universities discuss their views on Globalization and how it has influenced the world. Globalization has greatly impacted the world through its social relations through culture. Amartya Sen at Harvard University expresses his views on Globalization through the spread of intellectual ideas and how it takes one great idea to spread across the globe.
Amartya Sen has a positive outtake on the developing nature on Globalization. He believes the rise in Globalization in the past years as brought a new standard of living through social correlations. In an example to prove Globalization has benefited the people he uses the history of mathematics, “In his history of mathematics, Howard Eves explains that around 1150 A.D., Gherardo of Cremona, in his translations from the Arabic, rendered jaib as the Latin sinus, the corresponding word for a cove or a bay.” (Sen 2012, 18). Math is one language that is the same in any country across the globe, Sen was referring to the concept sine and how it was created in India, but developed in other countries. It was not just one country who came up with the concept of math. In his book, he shows how Indian
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