The Importance Of Globalization

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The continuing growth and advancement of globalization has increased the frequency and ways in which countries are able to interact on economic, political, social, and cultural scales. Trade between countries, which has been a key aspect of globalization from its beginning, works as a way to fuel the economies of the countries involved as well as strengthen and/or harbor the political relations between them. This allows people from different countries all around the world to have similar experiences as well as an access to a variety of the same resources that would not be possible without an interconnectedness between them. Globalization, for its different aspects, has both its fans and its critics, who will argue either for or against…show more content…
if Apple’s headquarters are in the United States but they outsource to China, they are taking jobs away from Americans). This viewpoint can often cause people to become resentful against the country they perceive as “stealing their jobs”, especially if they themselves have had a hard time finding work or have gone through a long period of unemployment. This resentfulness, however misplaced, leads to dangerous behavior such as racism and xenophobia.
This unfortunate outcome of globalization is something that was expressed heavily during the recent 2016 election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (as well as early on in his campaign), and continues to flourish after the regrettable inauguration of the latter. The bulk of Trump’s campaign was an attempt to pit the American people against others (as well as themselves with the racist ideologies he proposes). Trump claimed that the outsourcing of jobs from companies in the United States to other countries (according to him, mainly Mexico) was America’s biggest problem, even though his own and his family’s companies do the same thing on a large scale without fault. Though they are American companies that are doing the outsourcing and, therefore, the process that Trump and his supporters want to be destroyed, the blame is constantly put on the country/countries that receive the business, even though their people need jobs too. Continuously calling out Mexico for “stealing our jobs” (and

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