The Importance Of Globalization

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Globalization continues to dominate conversation and research as a globally influential trend. Identities influence how people interact with the world, including policy and conflict; seeing the impact globalization has will be beneficial. Existing literature looks at the interaction globalization has with ethnic conflicts, and some identities, but most tend to aggregate a multidimensional term into one measure.
This research finds and evaluates the connection between globalization and saliency of national identities by disaggregating globalization to find the most interactive component: human migration, technological/communicative, or economic globalization. Disaggregating globalization is necessary to see separate ramifications on saliency of national identities. Finally, this research addresses a divergence in literature over whether national identity or global identity is growing more important with globalization. Literature Review Globalization
Globalization is an expanding, vague term that constantly crosses disciplines. Integral to economics, sociology, psychology, and political science, the term is not rigid, with definitions and uses ranging in department, creating a puzzle within the term. Scholars agree that it is a process that crosses country borders through the sharing and flow of goods, services, economics, culture, technology, and more (Guillen, 2001; Held et al, 1999; Castells, 1996; Kobrin, 1997; Gilpin, 1987). I look at

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