The Importance Of Globalization

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Dear old friend, it has come to my attention that we have a great epidemic on our hands! Globalization is the next step in the evolution of information, and let me be clear: it is a great step forward in connecting the world, but it will have its detriments to society as well. I believe the digital age has provided the world with unparalleled access to data and history, as well as the ability to communicate in an instance. This leads to growth in many aspects of everyday life including both, social, and a power over the news we can consume on a personal level. These of course all sound great if they did not come with a burden we must all, as a human race, come to fight, and protect ourselves against. This is about the fact that a human…show more content…
There are many reasons that these are horrendous sources of news, the most obvious being they can manipulate a moment with words that have nothing to do with it. Even more likely, the facts on them could be and often are completely random with no actual basis other than to push forward someone’s personal agenda. Not all infographics are bad though Thomas, consider the potential to share fun children’s facts about snakes, or maybe even the difference in rain clouds. Infographics are not exclusively used for nefarious purposes, the example stated is clearly for entertainment and maybe even a little education, but they still fall victim to the same fatal flaw: how does one test the accuracy? It cannot be expected to combat these pictorial villains of misinformation through any legislative means. No one could design a system making them impervious from the slippery hands of fraud. Ask me then: “what do we do?” The answer is much simpler than the problem, we ignore them, one must choose to never use them, and then by doing so hopefully educate those around them not to as well. Perhaps, to thwart the effects of misinformation on the would-be victims of this foul tool of Globalization, use my letter to educate and free the masses. Secondly, notice that Globalization, though a beautiful opportunity for connectivity of so many different peoples, has often just been used as a simple means of validation of one’s current opinions. I’m not saying it’s

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