The Importance Of Goal Setting And Job Enrichment

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In reading the The Elizabeth Layman article the reader tends to get an indepth outline of how job redsighn can be accomplished. The nature of this reorganization included many elements including goal setting and job enrichment. I hope, in the following pages, to show the reader how both of the areas were approached. This first question I would like to answer is, how are the principles of goal setting applied? As many people are aware, goal setting is one of the best ways to improve employee motivation. This motivation is maximized by setting clear, achievable goals and then making employees accountable to those goals. It is said that goal setting can improve the way an employee performs by as much as twenty-five percent. In this article goal, setting plays a very influential role in the redesign of the extended Health Information Management system. The most obvious instances of goal setting were setting the physical goals of implementing the new system and the benchmarks of service it had to achieve. The overall goal was to have effective systems in place that would help manage the new system efficiently, while covering all of the changing requirements in the industry. Some of the goal setting were not quite as obvious. Take for example the area of performance reports. The performance report is only successful if you set a standard fro what the performance is required to be. Once this goal is set regular evaluation is needed to see where people stand in relation to

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