The Importance Of Going To College

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Going from high school to college has been a big step in my journey to success. It is partly because of this that going to college is so important to me. Being successful is what I strive for and in today’s society, I have to go to college in order to achieve this. I plan to become a Dental Hygienist, make money, and along the way open myself up to allowing the college to make a positive difference in my life. However, with college comes with many challenges. My greatest challenge will be to handle classes on different days and following due dates. In college, it is up to me as the student to keep up to date on assignments. I no longer have teachers telling me what is due or assignments being given to me one at a time. I am now given…show more content…
If I want to hang out with friends or my boyfriend, I am going to have to plan that time around school, work, and the necessary time needed to do school work. With school only three days a week, more school work is to be expected and you can’t finish it in one sitting. This is why I say relationships will be changed or altered because you are now really busy. As for roles, I am transitioning from a high school student to a college student in a matter of a few short months and doing this there is bound to be a role change. Back then I was nothing more than a student who depended on her teachers but, now I am a student and an adult. I am expected to do things on my own and to move through my education myself. I am no longer magically put into the next grade, I need to decide what classes I should take, what times, and why I should take these specific courses. I am the person in charge of my education.
Support can be defined and thought of as many things. Support is defined in the dictionary as “give approval, comfort, encouragement to”. To me, I agree with this definition. These three things are essential for success and a healthy way of living. However, to shorten it these three words are put into one word, support. With every person, including myself has a support system. A support system is a network of people who provide an individual with practical or emotional support. For me, I categorize my support system into three things: my family,
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