The Importance Of Good Leadership Within The Ohio State Study

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This is firstly going to critically evaluate the importance of good leadership within an organization using the behavioural approach specifically focussing on the Ohio state study. Leadership can be defined as driving forwards an organization in a positive way (Samson, Catley, & Daft, 2012). The essay will also critically evaluate the utility of the theory in evaluating the case study by Dr. Mark Le Fevre. Moreover, this essay will give recommendations on how to improve the number of outputs that the workers produce, as well as improve the company culture that could lead to increased production that had been gradually reduced since the new equipment had been added in the factory. When stating the recommendations, the Transformational principles by Kettinger and Grover (1995) as well as the Transformational Theory. Part A
The behavioural approach covers three different research areas that include the Michigan studies that separated their studies into to separate the positions based on if they were a employee or not. The studies were done around the same time as the Ohio Studies just after World War II (Likert, 1979). The leadership grid that was created in reaction to the Ohio Studies and Michigan studies by Mounten and Blake from the University of Texas aiming to encompass both of the different studies (Samson, Catley, & Daft, 2012) . The best theory to explain the case study by Dr. Mark Le Fevre, is the Behavioural approach of the Ohio State Studies as it describes…
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