The Importance Of Gospel Music

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Gospel music is church music. But it has a deeper meaning than that it has a history and it also has a race background. In general Gospel music is a genre of Christian Music. The word Gospel means good news. Gospel music spreads a message of christianity of God, it expresses a message of good news. Gospel Music is joy and hope; it helped African American slaves to go through their daily challenges and still have hope and faith.
During the late 1800’s African American churches started developing this type of music. Gospel music is deeply rooted in the rich traditions of the African-American church. Music is important in every aspect of life. Music expresses emotions, suffering, hope and help people to see things from a different point of view. There’s many different type of music, and church decided to have their own music called gospel music. Music is also entertainment, church needed their own music that they could identify. Every type of music is important but gospel music has a lot of importance because is related to church but also has a background race story. Gospel music helped slaves to escape to freedom and it also helped them to see life in a different way. It helped them to have hope and faith because gospel music is about God and his power and miracles. Gospel music promotes hope, wisdom and mercy. Gospel Music had always been important, since the first day it was made. It is so important because is music with a meaning promotes things that others music don’t.
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