The Importance Of Governance And Value Chain

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Introduction IT governance is a way that organizations establish a structure for decision making, how they describe the leadership and establish who will be accountable for the IT work that needs to be done. IT governance needs to start at the top and every other level in the organization need to participate for it to be successful. Governance is especially important within IT because it helps them to better understand the requirements and strategies of the business. IT is then in a better position to mitigate IT risks which in turn make them more of a value to the business than just an expense.
IT Governance and Value Chain IT governance can be defined in many ways, but Weil (2004) best defines it as “specifying the framework for
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Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) fits IT service delivery because it is split into two generic standards which are service delivery and support. Implementing Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a challenging undertaking for information technology (IT) departments. ITIL requires orientations toward the customers’ needs, services, and organizational processes, which more technically oriented IT departments may find challenging. They go on to explain ITIL by letting us know that it consists of 25 processes, covering almost every task in IT operations, which must be analyzed and redesigned during an ITIL implementation, and consequently, ITIL will affect almost every member of the staff and lead to the rearranging of work practices and worker roles. (Iden, Eikebrokk, 2014, p. 292)
IS role in support of the value chain There has been a long need for IS governance within organizations. Information security governance is important to organizations because they have a real need to change their views on IT functions and not just consider them to be solely technical issues. There are four value streams in the IT value chain that the IS role supports. Those four steams are as follows: the strategy to portfolio, the requirement to deploy, the request to fulfill and detect to correct. These four value streams are at the center of the service model. They work together and play a vital role then it comes to the support or the supply chain.
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