The Importance Of Government Intervention In Healthcare

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Healthcare is a widely debated topic that affects millions of people in this country, whether one is for universal healthcare or against it. Millions of people across this country have had to deal with healthcare one way or another. Having the government intervene in such matters makes things complicated from Cost to HIPPA and Interventions. The purpose of this paper is to discuss why government intervention should be limited in terms of healthcare.
The first major reason why government intervention poses a problem for most people is the cost. Most people do not have the means to deal with healthcare without some type of intervention from the government but the type of intervening they need may cost them more than they were ready to take on. “As costs increase, we hear or read almost daily that some 39 to 40 million people are without insurance for medical care.” (Grosse). This is due to the rising in cost that the government has put on its citizens. While the government tries it’s best to ensure that everyone is well covered there are still certain situations that cause people to have to pay tremendous amounts of money out of pocket for medication and supplies necessary for them. “A recent government report stated that for Medicare alone, more than $2 billion dollars is lost every month due to waste, mismanagement, and fraud.” (Grosse). This causes family across the country to have to make up for this loss by paying for it themselves, and due to the mismanagement of our
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