The Importance Of Government : The Power Of A Government

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The power of a government is derived from the need and wants of the people, not from the threat of force and personal interests of the authority. The author of the source stress the importance of holding one's government accountable. As stated in the source, if the government fails to meet the standards of the people it is up to them (the citizens) to remove and change the government. Former United States president, Franklin.D.Roosevelt, would agree with the sources sentiments of an accountable government. All the policies FDR had put in place through the New Deal was in the interests of the American people. By using government money to create jobs and stimulate the economy, FDR helped bring America out of the Great Depression. The presidential policies of Roosevelt reflected what the people needed, and every policy was for the citizens. However, there are some nations where the governments do not reflect what the people need. North Korea, for example, is a modern communist dictatorship with little regard fit the needs of the people. For instance, there are laws in North Korea that the people do not have the freedom of speech, mobility or civil liberties. The government controls every aspect of their lives. If someone speaks out against the authority they risk being killed or sent to a work camp. Forcing the people to live in abject fear of their rulers. Kim Jong-Un would oppose the source as it interferes with his opinion on absolute power. The source must be embraced
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