The Importance Of Greed On Technology And The Environment

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Many global issues today, such as global warming, pollution, and radiation, involve the environment and stem from actions and inventions of people. Environmental advocates address these issues and call for change, but at times their efforts seem futile, because many people do not seem to care or know enough, and thus continue to harm the environment and themselves by selfish greed or ignorance. In “The Obligation to Endure,” Rachel Carson points to man as the main cause of environmental threats, and quotes Jean Rostand in saying “the obligation to endure is the right to know.” To live and deal with these problems in the environment, people must fully understand the influence of greed on technology and the environment. Although it would be unrealistic to eliminate greed and indifference towards the environment, the public and the government must work together in promoting more active attitudes and regulating safer technology to reduce the severity of these environmental issues.
The state of the environment directly affects life and health of all living species, but people are the only ones who can alter or even manipulate nature to serve their own personal or economic interests. Significant scientific and technological innovations, such as pesticides or industrial factories, can be considered revolutionary in a historical sense, but they are also economic ventures in how they were designed and developed for more profit. These inventions, for example, pesticides, are not…
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