The Importance Of Greek Columns In Ancient Rome

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The Greeks had amazing concepts that you can now find in many modern American civilizations, but what did they do to get their inventions and ideas spread across the world? They brought forth ideas such as, architecture, sports, democracy, arts, mathematics and philosophy.

When you see modern buildings such as The White House, The Abraham Lincoln Memorial or The U.S Capital, they all have one thing in common…columns. Columns originate from Greek architecture to support ceilings without the obligation of having walls, creating more space. Many of the different columns originated from Ancient Greece, three to be exact, Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. Doric columns have wider bottoms and simple capitals (capitals are the top part of the column)
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In similar ways to the Greeks, they had their games every four years but not with the main purpose of honoring the gods. They valued strength and performance which you can see in the Greek arts. They also had great respect towards the games because they cancelled all war like activities to play the games. The America’s still use some of the same games the greeks used such as javelin, sprinting, wrestling, discus, and long…show more content…
Their Democracy created the foundation for modern day American government. It is the only government that cared for the common wealth of its citizens. hey brought upon representatives and the system of checks and balances. The Greeks had their representatives and divided them into two houses both of which used the checks and balances to make sure one side didn’t get more powerful than the other. Just like modern day democracy the representatives were well respected, in greek term most were aristocrats. Athenian democracy was more direct than our modern day one. Meaning that the Athenian citizens voted on all of the laws, but just like today only men 18 years and older could
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