The Importance Of Gross National Happiness

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Before I proceed into the depths of my presentation today, I want you as people to think about the following questions. Focusing solely on yourself as a productive member of society rather than a businessman. Have you ever wondered why your favourite park is demolished to peices in order to build houses or expand roadways? Have you ever felt that your volunteer work is not appreciated or valued anymore? Have you ever felt that your most productive days in the workplace come from a foundation of happiness. Hello, my name is Shelby Ward and I am here to present my findings of why Gross National Happiness is a superior and more effective way to measure a Country's overall well-being.

Currently, the widely accepted measurement of the economic success of a country is found solely in a number. A country's Gross Domestic Product or GDP. GDP follows the interaction of goods and services with regards to their production and consumption. By measuring consumer, government and industry spending along with the balance of trade, the GDP is a reliable indicator of economic health. Many economists suggest that this is the only way to measure, however as reliable as it is, GDP only measures one thing -- Money. For many, an economy’s health is determined by several factors. Simply put, there are more important things to consider -- like happiness, for example.

First off. Gross Domestic Product is solely and number and speaks nothing about citizens overall well-being. GDP awards events
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