The Importance Of Groups In Sociology

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The groups with which an individual associate themselves plays an important role on that individual’s socialization and maturation throughout their life span. Groups and categories can differ in their definitions, but according to Discover Sociology: Third Edition written by William J. Chambliss and Daina S. Eglitis, the groups which we belong to can range from intimate relationships such as familial and spousal to less intimate but still close relationships such as friendships and work relationships to acquaintanceships such as people that we are around often but do not have a specific relation to. The textbook also discusses how these specific relationships can be split up into two broader categories, primary and secondary groups. Primary groups are defined as relationships with intense emotional ties, intimacy, and identification with membership in the group while secondary groups are defined as large, impersonal groups with minimal emotional and intimate ties (Chamblis & Eglitis, 2017). The groups that an individual belongs to directly impact their socialization as they can impact an individual emotionally and even biologically. Some group memberships are chosen, while others are chosen for us. For example, each of us is born into our main primary group, the family, while we have more say in our involvement with our secondary group such as our athletic organizations and work groups. According to Charles Horton Cooley, primary groups have a long-lasting significance on

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