The Importance Of Gun Controls On Gun Shootings

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Due to the recent mass killings that have occurred on college campuses over the past decade, there has been a growing concern regarding gun-related crimes on school campuses. There have been many different bills throughout the United States that have been rejected or passed over whether or not concealed carry should be allowed on college campuses in their state. Equally important, concealed carry allows individuals, who have had background checks, to obtain a permit to carry a gun on themselves wherever they go. Although the idea that allowing students, faculty, and others to carry concealed firearms would create a safer environment on the campus; however, allowing firearms on campus would increase gun violence due to the instability of early adulthood, the stress caused by college, and the expense of maintaining a safe environment. The early adult years are unstable. While many believe allowing students, faculty and others to carry concealed weapons will decrease the rate of campus shootings; in fact, the risk of a gun-related crime, suicide, or accidental shooting increases due to the instability of the life of a college student. In addition, students are tasked with difficult exams and classwork while they are in college, and can cause large amounts of stress, and can be destabilizing. As Johnson implies, a person’s prefrontal cortex; where the brain controls cognitive progress, reasoning, and self-regulation, is not fully developed until around the age of 25 (Johnson
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