The Importance Of Gun Violence And Gun Laws

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Mental health and mass shootings seem to go hand in hand, especially when the talk of gun laws comes up.The debate about gun laws getting stricter due to the mass shootings across the country has been stewing for about 18 years now. What sparked the debate was back in 1999, Columbine High School was involved in a mass shooting killing 12. This is one of the many examples that could define the gun violence and mass shootings in our country. As there seems to be a direct correlation between gun violence and mental illness.Now rather than enforcing stricter gun laws in the wake of recent gun violence events, the federal government should fund mental health programs. Due to the outbreak of mass shootings in the country, and the violence associated with gun people want stricter laws.In 1787 the constitution was written and gave us the right to bear arms.When it comes to the restrictions pertaining to guns they are all state based. The country as a whole has very minimal restrictions. That doesn’t mean that there are no proposed laws. Some of the laws that congress has voted on are as follows “ Tighten up background checks… Expand background checks...Prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns(Republican version)... Prevent suspected terrorists from buying guns(Democratic Version)”(Phillips). The laws proposed are good in theory, but will most likely never get passed because much of Congress seems to never agree.Terrorism is a problem and it is a dangerous issue, but the real issue is mental health. It is a constitutional right to be able to have a weapon and most states have strict laws.
There is a debate surrounding the topic of gun laws and it is whether we should have more or less gun control. It was a very popular subject during the 2016 election. The debate is a very republican vs democrat debate because of the views they have.In the 2016 election, the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton states, “We can have common sense gun reforms that keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and the violently unstable”(“Should More Gun Control Laws Be Enacted”).What the message behind this is that there needs to be reform to be stricter to help keep guns out of the criminals and mentally unstable hands.

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