The Importance Of Gun Violence

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Guns prevent 2.5 million crimes every year (Kleck and Gertz 16). This is in response to the fact that violence in civilization has existed throughout time. The United States takes no exception as numerous acts of violence have happened throughout its history. To attempt to reduce this violence, there has been an ongoing political debate on how firearms contribute to violent attacks and whether or not they need to be banned. The United States government issuing a complete restriction on arms might negatively impact the citizens of its country.
Guns prevent crimes. A large amount of citizens are in the face of danger, and guns provide them the protection they need. Stopping the sale of guns will not stop criminals from getting them, and will only take guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. When purchasing a firearm, the customer must go through the Brady background check system. The gun vendor must contact the FBI for a National Instant Criminal Background Check System to verify that they are not a criminal and are eligible.
However, if criminals were buying guns at certified gun vendors, gun violence would not be a problem. Most criminals receive guns from personal connections or were stolen. For example, one study in Pittsburg found out that seventy nine percent of people illegally carrying guns were prohibited from owning guns and at least thirty percent stole (Fabio, Duell, Creppage, O’Donnell and Laporte 1). Only law abiding citizens would be blocked from owning
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