The Importance Of Gun Violence

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Gun Vilence has been considered a public health crisis for some time. It has been a constiant battle to fund studies, adn pass more legilative measures ( Nelson, 2017). Last year, the American Medical Association (AMA) issued a statement declaring gun violence “a public health crisis” and called for a comprehensive public health response and solution (Nelson, 2017). Research on gun violence has been limited, partly owing to a 1996 congressional appropriations bill stating that “none of the funds made available for injury prevention and control at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention may be used to advocate or promote gun control.” The bill was introduced after the National Rifle Association campaigned heavily against the agency in response to a 1993 study it funded in the New England Journal of Medicine, which found that keeping a gun in the home was associated with a higher risk of homicide by a family member or close acquaintance (Nelson, 2017). In a nationally representative survey, they found that many people already thought tough gun laws were in place. For example, 77% of Americans want universal background checks. But 41% of Americans thought (wrongly) that universal background checks were already in place. Large proportions of Americans also support stricter gun laws ( Lancet, 2016). Guns kill—just like smoking, just like substance abuse, just like driving without a seatbelt. However, guns are also an icon of safety and personal freedom for many (
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