The Importance Of Hadoop Within The Context Of The Assignment

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The main purpose of this report is to provide a critical review of the processes and own experiences of Hadoop within the context of the assignment which was given to us. The review concentrates on the discussion and evaluation of the overall steps followed during the progress of the project and the reasons for which we have chosen these particular steps. It also draws attention at the main points that were accomplished, both with respect to individual, and with respect to the group 's perspectives. Finally, it concentrates on the project 's progress in terms of changes for a future implementation.
Team Members
• Mubarik
• Kshitij
• Alex
Project management
To start with, project management could be defined as the process that companies need to carry off in order to maximise the shareholders ' value. On the other hand, in current life individuals sign projects all the time, of course not on a professional level, in a sense that they define objectives and work on the processes to benefit in their lives. Pritchard & Ashwood’s (2007) emphasize the individual’s ability to choose from alternative actions in order to satisfy their needs. It is important, however, to mention that effective projects have an effective design as well as an effective team.
All in all, and taken from Burke (2003) framework, we could divide the project life cycle into four phases:
• Concept phase
• Design phase
• Implementation phase
• Commissioning phase
This framework can then be used for
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