The Importance Of Hand Hygiene On The Care Of Patients And Problems

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In this essay the focus will be on the significance of hand hygiene within the care of patients and problems relating to the compliance of this. The essay will explore legislations such as The NHS Constitutions YEAR, Nursing and Midwifery Council Code of Conduct YEAR and the 6Cs of nursing, focusing on the relevance of these in relation to hand hygiene practice.
Healthcare associated infections have an impact on patients - how? Can be prevented greatly with compliance to hand hygiene protocols (REF).
How many people caught HCAI in the UK? were these because of hand hygiene issues? leading cause?
Compliance with hand hygiene - outcome of this?

New Learning and rationale for choice
The topic was chosen for a number of reasons, including the great need for improving hand hygiene, to preserve and promote positive care of patients, looking into issues which may hinder hand hygiene compliance.
Although there are huge amounts of HCAI problems (REF), staff continually fail to carry out basic hand hygiene. This leads to diminished quality of care and patient safety.
Highlighted in the Keogh Review, and the Francis Report - Avoidable harm was inflicted by HCAI - Hand hygiene not routine amoung staff (REF). - Patients were not encouraged or assisted with hand hygiene, leading to risk of infection, staff lack awareness. - Further training needed - Staff and visitors need to comply with guidelines.
Legislations such as The NHS…
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