The Importance Of Happiness

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Happiness is a major key to a person’s overall well-being and self-confidence in their everyday life. In order to maintain happiness, most people have daily routines and or hobbies that they do on a regular basis that brings them joy and happiness. Without happiness the important activities that people take part in could be missing its full potential due to lack of happiness and self-esteem. The following 10 activities can create daily joy and happiness and suspend daily hardships: basketball (sports), music, television, working out, sleeping, day dreaming/ future planning, video games, relaxation, family time and cleaning. As Kast says, “The emotion of joy suspends gravity” (44). What Kast means is that when a person is
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Some people may take a more advanced route which could involve weight-lifting and more physical activity such as sit ups, push-ups, dumbbells, and weight lifting machines. Exercising with a group or a trainer for example, could be beneficial due to the boost that their friends or trainer could provide for someone when people work out together. Exercise is one of the major keys and easiest ways to benefit someone’s health and is highly recommend to anyone. As some people may know, sleep is arguably the most important activity to a person’s health and well-being. Sleep is usually done alone unless someone considers alongside their spouse as a group but that’s a different story to discuss. Sleep is an activity that everyone should do on a day-to-day basis due to the amount of energy it provides which is why sleep is a major part of daily happiness. Sleep is what the body needs after a long day at work, class or just after a long productive day to replenish someone’s energy that was lost during those sorts of activities. Without sleep the body starts to drift out in certain situations and tends to put out poor potential due to lack of energy.
There are multiple ways and forms of sleep a person can participate in to improve their daily joy and happiness. The average person needs around 6-9 hours of sleep a day so if someone is receiving anything under that timeframe, chances are they aren’t too happy with the amount of sleep they are getting or just not happy
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