The Importance Of Hate Speech

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Revolutions have been fought and won thanks to enraged people who have gathered together to contest injustice. To illustrate, when the debate over Jim Crow laws ruled the south, college students (black and white) resorted to civil disobedience by sitting in dinners reserved for “whites only” and held protests on college campuses. Such demonstrations served in solidarity for the cause of civil rights amount the races. Historically, students have been at the forefront of fighting injustices in the United States; therefore, the fight against hate speech is not the exception. This duty has been handed down over generations. Consequently, students will continue to stand in solidarity to denounce what they think is unjust and hold demonstrations to protest hate.
Although the radical left should denounce injustice, they tend to forget the historical importance of freedom of speech. It is important to realize that, “abolitionists, labor activists; religious group minorities, communists and socialists, cultural critics, gays, and lesbians…” all were victims of limited free speech.(We Must Help College Students Understand the Importance of Free Speech Pg. 2) Perhaps the lack of historical understanding of free speech from the radical left is fathomable. However, a lack of historical knowledge on such an important right remains unacceptable. Although, the events that shaped our forefathers' unbreakable respect for our first amendment were of high importance, such as the civil rights

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