The Importance Of Having A Car On Students

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Being a freshman at Regis is not easy, due to are already at a disadvantage of not having your car on campus; thus, a reliable source of transportation is a losing battle. Although we have a shuttle that brings us to and from Riverside and the Natick Mall the scheduled times are not beneficial. Regis should have the shuttle be more accessible to students more frequently. As a freshman who is not allowed to have a car on campus I find it inconvenient that the shuttle to the Natick Mall comes every three to five hours.
A major aspect of a college education is students learning independence and freedom; therefore creating a schedule at the students’ disposal will allow them to learn that independence and gain that freedom.
Other neighboring
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As stated, Framingham State has shuttles that stop at multiple locations, which allows students to explore their surrounding community. Besides going to Natick Mall and Riverside Train Station, the Regis shuttle should include AMC Theater, Shopper’s World, and Target. Many would argue that AMC Theater is very close in distance to the Natick Mall, and may ask why the passengers of the shuttle cannot walk to the theater? An intersection similar to the one behind the mall can get busy and is very dangerous at night if one is not careful. Adding Shopper’s World being added as a destination shuttle’s route would be beneficial to the students taking it because there are so many stores in the shopping area. Therefore, it would limit the amount of time and money a student will spend on going to multiple stores via uber or public transportation. Another location that the shuttle should go to is Target; target is a store that every college student should have at their disposal, since it is a store that has everything a college student uses in their daily lives. Another flaw in Regis’ transportation system is that the shuttle does not come to and from Regis frequent enough. Although Framingham State has a bigger population, their shuttle comes frequent enough to support all of its students. The inconvenient times our Regis shuttle is available is at times where it is difficult for students to enjoy a
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