The Importance Of Having A Large Working Middle Class

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The United States was once known to offer honest jobs, with an honest pay for a hard day of work. The middle class of the united states was once a thriving class that lived comfortably off of that standard. Today the middle class is marginally smaller and the jobs don’t promise the same benefits they once did. There are many possibilities that may have caused the demise of the middle class, but very little is being done to resolve the issue. The importance of having a large working middle class is key to having an overall thriving economy and great living conditions for all in the United States. The middle class is shrinking and this can be resolved by worker’s unions, raising the tax on the upper class, and raising the minimum wage. A major issue with the middle class shriveling is that no solutions are being created. One solution that could boost the middle class is to promote more worker unions. Labor unions were created to protect workers from many of the hard ships they face today. These hardships include the amount of hours worked, the wages, and also the working conditions. With the unemployment rate high, and the national debt at an all time high, labor unions could a plausible answer. The main purpose that workers pushed to have worker’s unions was for protection against unwilling pay cuts and unfortunate lay-offs. In todays society many workers have been left out to dry due to fact they were cut from the job. Within a labor union, protection is granted from
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