The Importance Of Healing In George Orwell's 1984

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Healing is described as making someone physically, emotionally, or spiritually healthy to better their whole self. In George Orwell’s 1984 Winston Smith is described as mentally insane and must be healed to become sane once again. His lover Julia helps him to withstand the change due to their love. Also, his torturer O'Brien pushes the idea of his unhealthy mental state challenging Winston’s mind. Finally, his own self is responsible for his healing process. In 1984, Winston Smith is a rebellious character who is against the inner party and Big Brother. The party believes in complete loss of privacy, power of rewriting the past to agree with the present, the change in meaning of marriage, as well as diminishing any form of rebellious language. They control privacy with surveillance cameras, microphones, the telescreens that are never allowed to be turned off, monitoring every motion and word spoken. Furthermore, they say whatever they feel is necessary to remain in power over the people and if it doesn't agree in the future, they will change the past to agree with the present and destroy any evidence that they were ever wrong. Nevertheless, marriage is only kept in the eyes of the party as a duty to have children; any sex outside of the marriage is rebellious. Finally, they create new dictionaries of newspeak where words are removed in order to remove any form of communication that is considered personal to prevent rebellious thoughts and conspiracies. Continuously as a

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