The Importance Of Health Care Interoperability

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In my own words, health care interoperability is nothing short of essential. Interoperability’s basis falls on the exchange of data, but moving more specifically it’s the ability to exchange data regardless of the many different systems and/or codes of multiple Health Care establishments to finally end in the proper use of this data to improve quality of health care. Interoperability’s definition is very specific and in today’s world I view it as a goal that the Health Care system wishes to achieve. There are many different Health Care establishments that are spread all across the world. It is important for everything to be able to not only be transferred but to be understood. Interoperability is very important because health situations can…show more content…
Let’s give an instance of a someone that got into a car accident. Car accidents have always been really scary to me, because they are so common and can reach very extensive cases. Paramedics can show up to a scene where there was a critical accident and immediately they must be able to act on the patient to sustain him until he gets to the hospital. At this hospital, all they can do is simply look at his ID and find a name. But they need something to connect that name to. They need information that will allow them to provide the best care that they possibly can without a mother or father there to assist them. For example, allergies of medications are so very important. Interoperability is essential to pull the facts that they need to not make a dire situation any worse. Along with allergies, the patient may have had past surgeries that can cause complications and/or been on past medication that can also cause the same. I feel that this is a very critical situation in where interoperability is needed. Most importantly the aspect of having the information in the shortest amount of time because patient’s sometimes just have a slim window of a chance to
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